What is Fracking?

by admin on August 19, 2012

Fracking, the popular abbreviation for hydraulic fracturing, is a technique involving the injection of millions of gallons of water and thousands of gallons of potentially harmful chemicals underground at very high pressure which create fractures in the underlying shale rock formations and allows for the extraction of the natural gas found in those layers.

Fracking opens up access to what is believed by experts to be a vast source of natural gas. This could alleviate a lot of our future energy shortages. This also means profits to energy companies. This may lead to energy independence of the United States. However, other experts believe that this means a threat to our air and water – the Earth where we live. Admittedly, particular situations would lead one to believe that, at least in those situations, that this method has some environmental issues.

Just like any other environmental issues, fracking is likely to remain an issue in the forefront of energy policy.

Watch this somewhat humorous video to learn more about Fracking – My Water’s On Fire Tonight (The Fracking Song.)
I don’t necessarily agree with all of the “facts” presented in this video, but I’m sure if it was happening in my back yard I would want to investigate a little more.

A recent development in the Talladega National Forest in Alabama has local residents waging a small war against the government for proposing to open up “fracking rights” in the National Forest there. This is located on Cheaha Mountain, the highest point in Alabama at a little over 2200 feet. (Full Disclosure: My hometown is at the foot of Cheaha Mountain in the small town of Munford, AL.)

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